Corina Kowald
Founder of  I am Tall Poppy

I have a passion for small business and beautiful things.

At I am Tall Poppy we have a fabulous collection of designer fashion, elegant accessories, exquisite jewellery, harmonious home-wares, local art, thoughtful gifts for all occasions, creative and educational gifts for babies & children, and inspirational books. I select my products with a conscious mind and with a focus to support our planet, our health and our well being.


I Believe

I believe that everyone has the power to be healthy, happy, prosperous and live the life of their dreams.

Our mission is to encourage people to become self empowered, understand their true value, reach their full potential and blossom like tall poppies.

Our philosophy is reflected in the products we sell and the exceptional service we provide.

About Us

Conceived with a dream to help people feel special, the business has blossomed into a vibrant and energetic enterprise.

I am Tall Poppy is a family owned and operated business, open since November 2004 in the beautiful township of Willunga, South Australia.