• Corina Kowald

The Joy of Giving

In life, we can be very preoccupied with ourselves ... with what we can create and how we can be more comfortable, more happy and more prosperous. We spend our lives focused on achieving our goals, pursuing dreams and creating the best life possible. There's nothing wrong with that, I'm all for 'living the life of my dreams', however it can be all consuming at times. Often, it's not until we get uncomfortable with life that we take the time to reflect on what's really important... like family, friends, relationships, health and spirituality. None of us are immune to the dramas of life; we all face adversity at some point in time and in many different forms. As uncomfortable as they may be, it is during these times that we can learn and grow the most. It can also be a time when we take the focus from ourselves to others who are in need. It is an opportunity to help those who are worse off than us and to make a positive contribution in their lives. And if you're feeling low, there is no better way to pull yourself up, than to help another. The decision to take action and get involved to help others distracts your mind from your own problems. Your mind will start focusing on the job of helping others and because your mind is now focused on positive thoughts and action, you will find your own circumstances improving and your life will reflect more happiness. Are you looking for a more comfortable, happy and wealthy life? Then make the time to give of yourself to others and with time see how your own life improves in all areas. Take time out from focusing on what you can get out of life and spend a little more time on what you can give, this really is the path to joy. Corina Kowald

INSPIRE and Uplift Your Soul

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