Gorgeous mango wood has been carved, sculpted, and shaped into this unique two-door, three-drawer mango wood cabinet.

The doors are large with ample space inside to hide away a multitude of items.


The stunning mango wood shows various colouring throughout for a one of a kind, rustic charm.

Printed retro detailing is on the left side door of the cabinet, with the same patterning being on the middle drawer. Etched lines are on the top and bottom drawer, giving eye-catching detail. Four legs sprout out from each corner underneath, which are smoothed and rounded.


This cabinet could work well in the living area as an added space saver and decorative item. Fill it with cutlery, books, kitchen items or essential papers you need to keep safe.


Display Color Natural Material Mango Wood

Width (cm) 43 Height (cm) 78 Length (cm)

Ashanti Two Door, Three Drawer Mango Wood Cabinet