This Dream & Discover Weekender will become your go to while traveling. With it's expandable middle compartment, it allows the bag to enlarge to provide more room for storage. It’s the perfect sized tote.


Dimensions: 19" W X 16" H X 6" D

Shoulder Strap Centre Drop Length 26 cm

Materials: Durable, Upcycled Canvas, Leather Trimming

Features: Zipper Closure, Expanding Centre, 2 Slit Pockets and Double Leather Handles

Made from durable re-milled and up-cycled military tarps and tents, this textile is given new life.



The Mona B canvas collection is part of a global initiative committed to up-cycling, re-milling and zero-waste manufacturing. At Mona B, they believe in making a great product while helping the environment through sustainable business practices. Waste not is the concept behind Mona B. They go by the mantra that one persons trash is another persons treasure.

Dream and Discover Weekender Bag By Mona B

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