Organic Hemp Seed Oil Hydrating Hair Mask Absorbs into the hair shaft and nourishes the scalp.


Our deeply hydrating and conditioning mask infused with Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba & Soybean Oils, Organic Ginseng, Pomegranate and China Bark hydrates and conditions helping to improve hair's texture, shine, and manageability.


Size: 250g jar

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Vegan Friendly

Australian Made





Om SHE abhors the archaic and barbaric practice of testing on animals and demands that others do not test on their behalf. Om SHE Aromatherapy understands that customers want pure, uncomplicated products that are not tested on animals and are free from harmful ingredients. They focus on developing products that enhance and enrich. Their mission is to create products that encourage the healing and well-being of its users. They carefully combine natural therapy with today’s technology to offer purer, healthier, and superior products for you as well as for the planet.

Hemp Hydrating Hair Mask