Om SHE Aromatherapy’s Hemp Shampoo gently cleanses without the use of harsh ingredients to help restore moisture and balance to dry and damaged hair.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil helps moisturise the scalp and hair while boosting hair strength and shine. Rosemary Leaf Extract nourishes and helps improve dry scalp conditions.


Vegan friendly.

Made in Australia.

Sulphate, paraben and colourant free.

Not tested on animals.

Size: 500mL



Om SHE is... Trusted. They are committed to quality and purity, sourcing the best ingredients from Australia and around the world. They ensure no harmful ingredients are added to their formulations. Om SHE is... Cruelty Free. They abhor the archaic and barbaric practise of testing on animals and demand that others do not test on their behalf. Om SHE is... Understanding. They understand that our customers want pure, uncomplicated products that are not tested on animals and are free from harmful ingredients. They focus on developing products that enhance and enrich.

Shampoo Dry & Damaged Hemp Seed Oil