Need that extra layer of luxury and warmth? We have you covered with our beautiful Starlight Scarf. This scarf is designed to be worn close around your neck by threading the end through the loop, and giving you extra warmth on those cold Winter days.


Fabric: 100% Polyester

Size: 18 x 100cm



Developed in 2012, Brave+True was initially introduced as a winter component to the Holiday Trading & Co Collective, one of Australia’s most well-known lifestyle companies.


The Brave+True label has since grown in popularity, and has cemented itself as one of Australia’s most loved womenswear brands. Their collections are made for every day, every night, every age, every style, every size, every occasion and every woman. 


The words brave and true provide the foundation of their design mantra. Taking a chance every day, believing you are enough and being true to yourself.

Starlight Scarf by Brave+True