This friendly soft toy is a wonderful tool to help you sit with your child and have a loving, gentle chat with them about how tying a knot in Worriphant's trunk can take their worries away and keep them safe.

I would suggest giving your Worriphant a very special place to live in your home, so that your child knows at all times where it is. This enables them to be reassured that they can get their Worriphant at any time and bring it to you when they are anxious.

W 200mm x H 110mm



The Story

Eighteen years ago, Deborah's daughter Emily, who was then 4 years old, would get very scared, upset and anxious about many things. From going to friend's houses to being left in the mornings at school.

She would cry, and of course, this made her Mum very sad and worried.


So, Deborah made her a Worriphant!


They sat one night and Emily was told the story of how elephants never forget and if they tied a knot in the Worriphant's trunk and told the Worriphant about what was worrying her, the Worriphant would take all her worries away and would keep them safe for her. 


"Over the next few weeks we tied many knots in the trunk and she cried a little less and started to get more confident every day! I have never forgotten how much this changed our world and I wanted to share this with you."


  • 100% Wool Felt

    Hand wash, air dry

    To avoid a choking hazard, it is suggested that your first knot in its trunk is to loop the ribbon back on itself to form a circle.
    This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


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